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Alpacas at Cherry Run, LLC

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About Us

Native North Carolinians, we have lived “Down East” and in the Triangle. We have been lucky enough to have family stay in the area. Kenneth retired from state government a few years ago and is exploring his interests in fishing and greenhouse gardening. I am glad we have the kids to do the heavy lifting! Lori continues her job with an environmental agency and manages the alpacas. Both of us have had lifelong interests in being on the farm (or being back on the farm), the rural and pastoral settings beckoning us to a more sustainable lifestyle. Lori, who is interested in crafts and fiber arts, was focused initially on sheep and goats, but could not decide which would make the better farm animal until stumbling upon alpacas. We really can’t remember having a specific “event” that led her to abandon the idea of sheep and goats in favor of alpaca, but over the course of two years, Lori volunteered at a few of the alpaca farm shows, visited several alpaca farms, and did a lot of research before buying the first alpacas. The alpaca are a better fit for our farm layout and business plan and much more personable than sheep!

Updated December 08, 2016